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USB3.0 has gradually gain market share

In recent years, USB3.0 gradually occupy the mainstream attention sight. Currently USB3.0 interface has been reflected in a significant speed advantage and the highly anticipated, USB3.0 compared to USB2.0, backward compatible with the standard, and both USB technology after the traditional ease of use and plug and play capabilities in order to achieve lower power consumption and improved protocol efficiency.
        Whether the store or online shopping platform, USB3.0 device gradually predominate. Judging from the attention of the product, USB2.0 gradually disadvantaged. This can not help but let us start thinking: USB2.0 now there is no need to buy it?

          We know that only Microsoft's next-generation Windows client operating system popularity era, USB3.0 will really become mainstream, but the USB 3.0 system penetration is not high, growth momentum remains to be seen. USB 2.0 easy to use, high stability and reasonable prices and other characteristics, favored by the majority of consumer groups, the current market share is still more than 90%, there are a lot USB3.0 concern people, but with people who still account for a large USB2.0 majority.

          UT-8811 (USB to 232 serial cable) main chip British Silicom cp2102 chip design, compatible with USB1.0 1.1 2.0,1Mbps above data transfer rate, hot swappable, theoretically USB1.1 transfer speeds of up to 12Mbps / sec. while USB2.0 can reach speeds 480Mbps / sec, and can be backward compatible with USB1.1.