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HDMI 2.0 era is coming: the evolution of technology innovation and equipment
Can be described as the rapid development of modern science and technology, electronics technology update more rapid development of HDMI industry is no exception. At the same time launched HDMI1.4, HDMI generation-related work has been carried out in full swing among the. According to the relevant organizations revealed that the next-generation standard name will be HDMI 2.0, HDMI 1.x specification will contain new features not yet undefined specification, the original estimate released in the second half of 2012, the specification will be compatible with existing HDMI 1 .x version. Now at the end, no official news, now estimated at 2013 will be officially released a new specification
The company in a keynote speech during the seminar and presented its HDMI 1.4a performance. For high-speed serial test, the test time and complexity is the biggest challenge, HDMI receiving end, source and cable test conformance testing and debugging programs reduced the entire test session less complexity and improves accuracy, but also greatly reduces testing time. "Our HDMI 1.4a cable program on the receiving end and the commissioning and validation source device can simplify the design of Guli recognition and noise problems, because the device has a precise eye rendering capabilities and precise violation testing capabilities to ensure reliable the eye diagram. ""With the way the direct synthesis of innovation, shorten the receiving end and the audio test time, supply heac physical layer validation and design features, you can eliminate Guli contact measurement error by measuring the relationship between the set."
HDMI 1.4a major increase in automobile HDMI (e type, you need to add a new cable emulator), mobile HDMI (d type), heac (HDMI Ethernet Audio Return Channel), 4k × 2k resolution support, 3d HDMI mode update and additional dark mode function, for conformance testing complexity greatly enhanced through careful RBI automation software required to complete the test one by one, embracing the receiving end testing and source test auxiliary channel control. HDMI 1.4 test solution can automatically perform conformance testing and auxiliary channel control, verify the number and link training device errors, perform the receiving end test, the test signal is supplied to the output source. Crosstalk, offset, and s-parameter measurements, it is possible to determine cable / signal integrity. In cable testing and verification, the operation of the program can determine the impedance of the cable and connector / reflection source, to determine the signal integrity issues include errors, channel loss, Guli, ground bounce, crosstalk, EMI and active degree, in addition, also consider any reflection high-frequency effects assistant connector or cable design produced.
New performance HDMI 2.0 include:
1, a higher transmission speed;
2, higher resolution: HDMI will support color depth of 30/36 / 48bit, implementation requires one billion kinds of color display;
3, and PC / CE easier connections: HDMI and low-voltage alternating current PC screen control terminal connections will redouble easy, it will scale HDMI digital multimedia interface positioned so that the PC and consumer electronics products to achieve the true meaning of integration;
4, mini-sized interface: To meet the growing number of small portable devices (such as high-definition digital video cameras and digital cameras), the demand for seamless HDTV connection, HDMI will be the new smaller interface;
5, audio and video synchronous transmission;
6, a new compressed audio items: the current HDMI can support high-bandwidth uncompressed audio, and all the current nominal operative compression (such as Dolby Digital and DTS), in addition, HDMI also names for the new audio compression (e.g. Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD) supply additional support.
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