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HDMI connector latest applications

HDMI1.4 specification seven new features

Recently, HDMILicensing, LLC., President SteveVenuti a special trip to Beijing to the media about the new features the latest HDMI specification version 1.4. According to reports, HDMI1.4 specification provides the following seven new features:

HDMI Ethernet Channel

HDMI Specification 1.4 increase in the cable in the data path, to achieve two-way high-speed transmission. The device has this feature in the link will be available Ethernet cable 100Mb / sec transmit and receive data, and that these devices immediately become IP based devices.

HDMI Ethernet Channel will allow an integrated Internet-enabled HDMI devices without the need for additional Ethernet cable, you can share its Internet connection with other HDMI devices. This new feature also provides HDMI devices to share content between the required interconnect architecture

Audio Return Channel

The latest specification adds an audio channel to handle the number of cables required to upload audio playback and can be reduced. HDTVs are directly receiving audio and video content, this new Audio Return Channel allows the HDTV without an extra cable, HDMI cable to transfer audio directly flow to the A / V receiver.

HDMI3D function

HDMI Specification Version 1.4 is defined as a device common 3D formats and resolutions, this specification will enter the home 3D system / output section to be standardized, norm resolution up to dual 1080p.

Support 4Kx2K resolution

The latest specifications allow HDMI devices can support four times the resolution of 1080p HD resolution. The new specification supports 4Kx2K resolution, making the HDMI interface to transmit content at the same resolution as many digital theaters employed. Supported formats include: 3840x216024Hz / 25Hz / 30Hz; 4096x216024Hz.

Expanded support for color space

HDMI technology now supports designed specifically for digital camera color space. Display device with HDMI function after support sYCC601, AdobeRGB and AdobeYCC601, to display more accurate color fidelity when connecting digital cameras.

Micro HDMI Connector

Micro HDMI Connector is a significantly smaller 19-pin connector that supports portable devices up to 1080p resolution. This new connector is 50% smaller in size than the existing HDMI Mini Connector.