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HDMI output compatibility testing
1. TV HDMI interface and compatibility: the simultaneous transmission of audio and video; 2. And compatibility with DVI interface TV: only transmit video; 3. Amplifier compatibility and HDMI interfaces: only transmit audio; criteria: HDMI interface can support the transmission of audio "Any via S / PDIF digital audio output compressed" and "2/6/8 channel, 32-192KHZ sampling uncompressed digital audio rates ", you can output" I2S (a digital transmission interface, the performance difference is superior to S / PDIF, suitable for short-distance communication) and SPDIF audio "; it always get the audio quality of the CD; HDMI interface can transmit video support "HD 1080I", "HD 720P", "ordinary interlaced" and "ordinary progressive" support NTSC and PAL TV system; automatic output based on the receiving end can accept video status "YUV" or "RGB" encoded video formats