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Technical advantages HDMI HD line
HDMI 1080P resolution not only meet, but also support DVD Audio and other digital audio formats, support for eight-channel stereo 96kHz or 192kHz digital audio transmission, you can send uncompressed audio and video signals. HDMI can be used in set-top boxes, DVD players, personal computers, video games, integrated amplifier, digital audio and TV. HDMI can transmit audio and video signals simultaneously. [1] HDMI supports EDID, DDC2B, so the HDMI device has having "plug and play" feature, automatically "negotiation" between the signal source and display devices, automatically selects the most appropriate video / audio formats. Volume compared with the DVI HDMI connector is smaller, DVI cable length can not exceed 8 meters, otherwise it will affect the picture quality, but HDMI can transmit as far as 15 meters. As long as an HDMI cable, you can replace up to 13 analog transmission line, a home entertainment system can effectively solve the messy tangle of wires behind the problem.